We are an online based studio with all photography equipment’s based in New Delhi that has  a  great experience in capturing and covering the whole event or your occasion. We are very sincere with the work  we do in the art of photography. Our professional photography editing would can transform your special occasions to a memorable occasions with the photographs.

Our online studio “SNAPAURA” says it from the word itself what we are into and what we do, meaning of SNAP is photography and  AURA refers to the atmosphere and environment we create from our photo shoots .

The Photographers are passionate about the moments,emotions & love and would capture the single details of every memory of your occasion that will leave you mesmerized.

There is a saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It is true and we are specialized in the field of “storytelling photography”. We capture the most candid moments that would tell a story when you see them. We would tell the whole story of your special occasion right from the start to the end, all the joy, happiness, tears, joy, love, emotions, etc just in the form of an image You wouldn’t need to tell a story about your special day, it’s all in the images that we capture. They will portray your story with all those precious moments, details and create exquisite and timeless image.

With experience of 1 year we may not have much of experience in terms of capturing big events, but we are looking for an opportunity to capture it and prove our art in terms of our photography though images.